How we can help

Business Employee Climbs Up Evaluation Improvement FormMentors & Leaders works with public sector organisations, blue-chip companies and SMEs.

The Comprehensive Spending Review, the budget deficit, and the economic downturn have all impacted heavily upon organisations. Cost cutting, redundancies and changing employment terms and conditions are all now part of the new employment landscape.

Mentors & Leaders has a highly skilled team of change agents and organisational development specialists who can help implement and manage complex restructures, lead, motivate, and advise on how to release creativity from your team.

Mentors & Leaders can help your team and HR specialists to analyse where budget cuts should be made, when it’s more cost-effective to buy in external services and review operational models.

Mentors & Leaders offers executive coaching to increase resilience, build stamina, and improve performance in an ethical and value-based manner.

Mentors & Leaders facilitates all kinds of specialist events and workshops, provides interim management, navigates company law and helps staff meet HR requirements.

We also offer highly effective tailored coaching and skills-based training programmes.